We invite you to visit our showroom in the heart of the Dubai Design District, where you can personally get acquainted with our ambitious furniture and interior project and get advice on creating a unique interior.

The showroom combines presentations of premium interior design from the Transforma studio and unique premium brands of fittings. We have created a unique space and are ready to fill your design with works of art.


Dubai, Transforma interior showroom in design district

Discover the region’s most popular cultural and design events, such as Dubai Design Week, Sole DXB and much more.

Pushing creative boundaries

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Dubai design district, Transforma interior studio showroom

We are the region’s first and largest design district playing home to the biggest global, regional and local brands within the art, design and fashion industries. We not only welcome, but enable disruptive thinking to create a world of endless possibilities through their beautifully designed spaces and unique community offerings.

What is a design district?

Our showroom presents exclusive lines of furniture products from the best brands, each element of which complements the overall picture of the interior with exceptional quality and premium reliability. The main highlight of the Showroom can rightfully be considered the Anikin Geometry collection with its artistic, dynamic fittings.

Welcome to luxury


Building 6, Dubai Design District - Dubai, UAE
Business hours:
+971 54 335 1026
Monday - Friday
10:00 - 19:00
We are open to individual cooperation and design projects